Speaking Frankly with Your Creative Director About Ian Wilson

Hi there! My name is Ian Wilson and I am looking for work as a Copywriter.
You should know that I am currently in Austin, Texas and hungrier than a juice-fasting badger. Please take a second to check out my work, and don't hesitate to offer feedback or to get in touch for any other reason. Cheers!

get to know ian to support any wild claims concerning his prowess

I am driven by the poetry of crafting concise communication that must compete against the world's best for a shred of attention. I am also attracted to the cultural mechanics of branding and the joy of creating things that are fun, fresh and smart. At the University of Texas at Austin, I had the priviledge of refining my craft in the Creative Advertising Sequence, where I learned to think on a much more fundamental level about all aspects of the creative process. Since then, I have continued to develop my creative abilities, and enjoy helping others to do the same.

My specialty is strategic copywriting, developing a 'big idea' by taking notice of the current state of a brand, then advancing its position through organic, elegant communication. I have a natural knack for writing, but I also enjoy communicating visually, paying close attention to the choices made in art direction and design. Naturally, most of these skills also flow into similar areas like web design and video production, which seems to be a common thread amongst creative and curious people.

In my free time, I like to reconnect with friends and family, which usually means that I am out doing something fun in Austin, getting away to go camping, or partying somewhere on the water. On inside days, I can be found (depending on privacy settings) all over the intertubes, checking out the new memes or comping my own to send to friends for fun.

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check out his work because that is all that anyone really wants to see

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